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Our company was founded in 1995 with a family mold and still is, especially as we continue to believe in the unity of our strenghts.
Our company offers services and technical assistance to companies, we
are specialized in the maintenance and modification of presses, hammers
and rolling mills for hot forging steel and cold forming of sheet metal. We are
able to perform the complete disassembly of lines, in cooperation with the
customer we perform the visual and dimensional inspection, electromagnetic
or ultrasonic, any mechanical working, subsequent reassembling of the
complete line with replacement of hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic and
mechanical processing through to the operational test.
We have the required organization to perform technical maintenance and / or
removal abroad, arrange any transport for Italy with subsequent revisions
and replacements at the office of destination.
At our warehouse in Lurago d'Erba, the Cassin Guido and C. has a wide
range of spare parts, bearings, brake discs and clutch parts, consumer
presses and seals as well as useful components to forge tongs both at price
list and design. We provide expert advice.
The GDM services is always available at the headquarters, a team of two
technicians for emergency. We can perform complete audits and
maintenance of machinery both at the customer headquarter and at our
headquarters, act primarily on subgroups, such as shafts, brakes, clutches
or even machines do not exceed a height of m. 6.5, which require special
equipment, cleaning and organization different than the production halls.
Guido Cassin has known presses and hammers working alongside his father Riccardo
in the workshop where they forged the valuable equipment for mountaineering, which
led to the famous family brand in the world.
His experience in the field of hot forging of steel, non-ferrous alloys and sheet metal
forming, led us to a deep knowledge of machine tools and therefore their complete
maintenance and overhaul thanks to an autonomous organization of business and
technical draw machinery, useful for their reconditioning, maintenance and / or repair.
We are supported by technical staff which can intervene in twenty-four hours after
the customer call.
We employ qualified workshops for mechanical devices such as the reproduction of drawing parts, we work with companies
specialized in the production of electrical and plumbing systems to CE standards.
We use materials of the best European brands in the use of pneumatic components and lubrication.
In all our technical work, we respect the protocol of Legislative Decree 81/08 on safety at work.
After thirteen years, in 2008, GDM service and C. has divided its activities in maintenance, overhaul, marketing and sale of spare parts
for machine parts in the new GDM srl single services and Cassin and C. Guido, with the aim of improving care to their customers, improve
services offered and the quality of work performed.
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